• We are pleased to announce the launch of new journal on disaster research - " Journal of Applied Disaster Research" (JADR)
  • Journal of Applied Disaster Research (JADR) is a new addition to the fledgling field of disaster science. This is an emerging area of study that cuts across disciplinary boundaries, and fosters a spirit of collaboration. Hence the journal istelf seeks to be a platform where the scientists, academicians, professional and students of all hues, but united in their passion to find solutions to thedisasters and their multifarious manifestations, could come to a common ground. The journal has its origins in the Disaster, Risk and Vulnerability Conference DRVC 2011 which was hosted by the School of EnvironmentalSciences, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, India (CHAERT) and the subsequent formation of the CHAERT: Charitable Society for Humanitarian Assistance and Emergency Response Training. The vision of CHAERT is to build a safer and disaster resilient community by developing a holistic, proactive, multi­disaster andtechnology driven strategy for Disaster Management.
  • To read more about JADR and download the volumes; go here.
CHAERT (Charitable society for Humanitarian Assistance and Emergency Response Training) is a venture of Masters Degree holders in Disaster Management, from the School of Environmental Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala, as a result of the augmented need of an institutional support to strengthen the disaster management and humanitarian assistance activities of the state.

    Our vision is to build a safer and disaster resilient community by developing a holistic, proactive, multi-disaster and technology driven strategy for DM. This will be achieved through a systematic approach in disaster management by building a culture of prevention, mitigation and preparedness to reduce the impact of disasters on people and thus enhancing the communities self help mechanisms.

    We accentuate in developing and maintaining a structured platform to facilitate collaborative education, training and research in the current and emerging fields of Disaster Management by extending a helping hand towards the vulnerable community with other humanitarian agencies and administration to ensure minimum standards of living in normal as well as emergency situations and thus reduce the human sufferings arising from both natural and anthropogenic disasters.

The organization is registered as per the Travancore – Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Act X11 of 1955 with Reg.No: K 201/11